Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 79

The hermanas in our zone bought hna. cossio and i choco ton...long story, this was what my excitement looked like!! 

We ate the entire paneton, just us 2. It was so delish. Christmas tradition! then my stomach hurt BAD after. haha whatevs, it was worth it. 

Also finally got a new resistencia up and running, showering in hot water for the 1st time in about a month. happy hermana boody

Cerro de Paz, it was a BLAST!! 


Our investigator Yois with a ward missionary as my companion and aracely coming to the appt. with us. She totally breast-fed while we talked about the Book of Mormon. gotta love it. hope its ok with Mom, I gave Carmen this skirt for her bday

Secretly planned a bday breakfast with the elder´s pensioniesta. we decorated and made yummy pancakes for his 19th birthday. he was soooo surprised and happy!! 

  Also made him this rad Polito.

Bought some dolcetto ice cream, lucuma!! to embrace my 18th month mark. hna. cossio put up some cute notes on the back of our bathroom door. she´s the best! 

2 weeks b4 home, rumor has it you get to eat ceviche. yesterday i had some. delish. con my favorite canchita!! and leche de tigre

Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 78

Had a fhe with the family that lives on the second floor of the house where we rent our room at. She made the most delicious pancakes I've had in who knows when!! It was remarkable.

Local park cerca de centro & playing hoops with the some of the elders from the zone!! SOOOO FUN!!  

From a member that headed off to huaraz to work, left this at her parents house with little bro. so nice, right?? 

What a grand surprise to get in the mail, I had no clue that it was coming!! Totally made my week!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I've been using everything lots!! 

Helped out the bishops wife with some crafty crafts that she sells. It was fun!! 

Marta is a less-active that we´ve been visiting for awhile, came to church yesterday with her 2 grand kids and everything!!

Juana and Milenka, grandma and granddaughter that we´ve been visiting. juana alwaysss tells us about these super strange dreams that she has. Its awesome

A counselor in the stake presidency. said it was the very 1st time that missionaries had wished him a happy bday. 

Juan Carlos, the recent convert, finally got back from visiting his gf in chile & brought us back delicious costa brand chocolates!! perfect way to end our fast, ya diggg?? 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 77

 Letter Received

Estimados Élderes y Hermanas,

Les adjunto una carta del Presidente Marler con algunas sugerencias para los que se van a casa en unas semanas. Gracias por ser ejemplos para toda la misión. Espero un día ser el misionero que ustedes son. 

Cuídense mucho y disfruten de este último tiempo que tienen de ser representantes del Señor.

Elder Winterton  


hna. manwill´s ear piercing from when she was 3 got a little stretched out and wierd so we pierced a new one!! haha it was so hilarious. hna. cossio, hna. roxana, and i were the experts.  

and there you have it: rubbing alcohol, earring, eraser and a new hole!! 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 76

First of all, HUUUUGE HAPPPPPY BIRTHDAY TO HUNTER ERIC!!!! from all the pictures, looks like you had a total blast on your big day of turning 25!! that's awesome that your got to go horseback riding, what a fun way to enjoy the outdoors!!!!

hey so this Friday as a district, we´ll be using internet from 10:30 to 12:30 (mas o menos) peruvian time to work on family history. sooo PLEASE go on and put all the missing dates, places, and names as possible. and whats ann louise´s email?? i could email her back and forth with questions of what im missing in the mi familia booklet.

haha from 2 ancianos that we taught this week. it was kinda funny, especially having to yell cause they cant hear squat.

 An incredible ward missionary slash YSA member who leaves TODAY for Lima and enters the MTC tomorrow. i made this book for him to take on his mission for his future companions and other missionaries to write in too. he´s an awesome example to me!

 I can tell this is a selfie & barely a smile from the Hermana on my right, like some models that are so serious!!! lol
 Don't know whose car this is, but it always makes me laugh.
Ater an alzar la voz we had en los pinos. total fail, but interesting adventure

 Man. it was so awesome. a bunch of the YSA members and other ward members all got together and shared our testimonies with hno. yahir to send him off in style
This is on our way to the fhe with the familia jimenez, 4 of us with hna. roxana stuffed in a moto. haha it was too good. bumpy travelin´

 Hna. manwill and i decorated her desk with a 9 months on the mission, 9 months pregnancy theme. idk if that makes sense. haha and of course celebrated with some sublime ice cream!!!